Gifts That Give For The Good of All

Giving gifts that bring joy to the recipient is what we strive for during this season. Sometimes it’s really challenging to find that special something that touches the heart and soul and makes the eyes sparkle with delight. This year, that challenge is easily overcome by shopping at  Not only will those you give to be thrilled, those who made the gifts will be helped in a multitude of ways.

Women in the U.S. and women around the world are the focus of IAMAFORCE4GOOD. In shelters around this country, women who have liberated themselves from abusive domestic violent relationships are learning to build their lives anew. These women are making a line of beautiful soaps and learning how to build a business in order to create a sustainable life for themselves and their children. Girls and young women in orphanages in Cambodia are creating unique bags and wallets from bags once used to transport concrete and rice. In India, girls who are not entitled to an education are making scarves that will allow them to develop skills so they too can enjoy productive lives. In Africa, women are creating jewelry that gives them the freedom to live self sustaining lives as well as helping stop the poaching of that country’s wildlife.

Two Holiday Gift Specials

There is still time to get your gifts to your loved ones for the holidays. And we have some special items that will delight just about everyone.


Special Gift #1:

Select 3 bars of our unique handmade soaps, with essential oil fragrances, gift-wrapped and sent priority shipping for just $19.95.

Special Gift #2:

Select a travel bag, a bar of soap and a fine, handmade scarf for just $49.95.

All of our items are handmade, fair trade, sustainable and support the lives of all the women who have decided to declare I AM A FORCE 4 GOOD! May all the gifts we give always serve the greater good of all who have had a hand in their making.