I am a Force4Good® Brings Fair Trade, Organic Products to Direct Selling

What started as a passion for helping women around the world by providing sustainable incomes through fair trade, handmade products has grown into an even more sustainable income opportunity for women.  I AM A FORCE4GOOD® will officially launch as a national direct selling company on July 6th 2015. My vision is to help women achieve and maintain sustainable independence for themselves and their children.


I deeply believe in what Anne Frank said: “No one ever became poor by giving.” I also believe that you cannot give to another without giving to yourself because giving and receiving are a continuous loop. We all have so much to give to each other in the way of moral support and encouragement. We love buying organic and natural skin care products. We love buying gifts for our friends and families that are unique and have fascinating stories that brought them into existence.


All the products available through the direct selling opportunity provided by I AM A FORCE4GOOD® are fair trade, natural and handmade by women throughout the U.S. and around the world.


I have been testing the concept with a group of account managers for several years. I am excited with the early results.  A single mother who was able to avoid foreclosure on her home achieved one of the most compelling successes. She eventually was able to sell the home, keep her credit in tact and move on as a result of the income she made from selling the I AM A FORCE4GOOD® products to other women.


A live webinar will walk new account managers through the brand philosophy; product line and compensation plan starting on April 27th and take place every other month. If the idea of multiplying the good in the world and sharing the retail message of eco-friendly, organic, and fair trade excites you, go to IAMAFORCE4GOOD.com and register to attend the webinar via the pink ‘Join Our Account Management Team’ form. I look forward to working with you to multiply I AM A FORCE4GOOD® in the world.