I Am a Force4Good Founder, Brenda Schubach, Encourages Readers to Make Conscious Purchases for Good


Founder and Executive Director of the human-interest organization I AM A FORCE4GOOD®, Brenda Schubach, says it’s easy to help the world by making small, conscious purchasing decisions on a regular basis from companies created to help regular people instead of corporate millionaires.


MILWAUKEE, WI – June 11, 2015 – Brenda Schubach, Founder and Executive Director of I Am a Force4Good, a human interest company creating opportunities for women around the world recently posted a new blog on her website entitled, “Imagine The Impact of Making Conscious Purchases.”


Inspired to help others, Schubach writes, “I hear people say all the time, “I want to help the world, but I don’t’ know how.” They ask, “Where do I get started if I don’t have lots of money to donate?” She adds, “So many people are in the same boat. What every single person can do is to start thinking about the things they purchase and whom their purchases help. Every purchase you make could make a difference in the lives of ordinary people instead of in the lives of corporate millionaires.”


Schubach says, “I am a Force4Good® helps women and children in the U.S. and around the world. I am a Force4Good® helps women create and produce beautiful products. They give women the opportunity to sell these products and get paid for sharing the opportunity to sell these unique items.”


Following Schubach’s train of thought, “Just imagine the impact of wearing a beautiful scarf or giving someone a handmade artesian gift that helps rebuild someone’s life. Imagine making purchases that help feed a child, save a home, help a veteran or unite a family.” She continues, “You really don’t need lots of money to help others. Of all the items you buy on a daily or monthly basis, if just one of those purchases were made consciously to contribute to the person who sold it and who made it, imagine the profound impact you could have on our world.”


The entire blog can be read at http://www.iamaforce4good.com/imagine-the-impact-of-making-conscious-purchases/



Coming from a background in criminal justice, Brenda worked with domestic violence victims, exploited children and those living in poverty, at the Department of Justice and Boston’s Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Harvard University. After contributing to a guide for prosecuting attorneys in domestic violence, Brenda embarked on a new career of education and visual merchandising, studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SMU, and Stanford University. Her business savvy, legal background and passion to help others has given rise to her founding and serving as the Executive Director of I am a Force4Good, a company she created to help bring dignity to women around the world with fair and equal opportunities.