I Am A FORCE4GOOD Presents An Opportunity To Design Your Future

I am a Force4Good® now offers a unique experience to do something in life that provides 360 degrees of opportunity with pure heart. We have created a direct selling opportunity for those who want to make a living while making a difference in the world.

What We Do

I am a Force4Good® works with independent artisans around the globe to bring handmade, eco-friendly, fair trade, and organic goods to market.

Does your current career or job fulfill you? At the end of the day do you feel like you have made a profound impact in someone’s life? I can tell you the moment I started listening, reaching out, and sharing the stories of others is the first time in my life I felt complete.  Compassion is the greatest gift we can give freely and is the foundation of I Am a Force4Good®.

 Who We Partner With

Our artisans and partners are women owned and operated social enterprises designed to provide education, trade skills, fair wages, and safe environments in which they can grow and prosper.

I have also learned that giving provides the greatest returns. Your entire life will change in a very positive way emotionally, physically and financially. When you are fueled with good your energy becomes contagious and expands into every facet of your day-to-day life.

How We Go to Market

I am a Force4Good® products are brought to market through the efforts of our “Account Managers”, independent business entrepreneurs who are also consumers of our products and embrace culture, diversity and education. They are also available through independently owned and operated retail stores.

Design Your Future With I Am a FORCE4GOOD®

We have designed a career path for independent business entrepreneurs by offering an Account Manager opportunity. Our Account Managers learn every facet of running a successful online and offline business with our 4 steps training program:

  1. What does it mean to be eco-friendly, socially conscious, and fair trade
  2. Goods and services from around the globe
  3. Economics and Finance in the artisan world
  4. How do you build an online and offline business with depth

Before, during and after training we provide online visual and story telling tools to help you build a future that will take you to the most interesting places in the world. With each monthly auto-ship order you’ll receive gift cards and small gift sets that journey through the countries where our artisan partners create their products. This is how you’ll learn hands-on about what makes each offering unique. You’ll learn the rich history and style of the area, what goes into every item available from the essential oils, organic fruits and vegetables and other items that make up our handmade product line.

We Are One United Front

I am a Force4Good® is an organization built to enhance humanity and stand together as one positive force made up of dignity, honor and hope.

Get involved today and make a profound difference in both your future and the lives of women around the globe.


I am a Force4Good®

Imagine the Impact