Make a Business Out of Passion & Insight

Make a Business Out of Passion & Insight

Step back, take a breath and think about these questions. When considering starting a business do you think about how you want to build it? Do you have a desire to build one that represents the best in you? Are you thinking of the kind of business that will highlight your expertise and become a business you can be proud of?

All too often people jump in to businesses expecting to make quick sales and have instant success. When that doesn’t happen, when the results are not immediate, most people become depressed and quit. Maybe, this is why 90% of businesses fail in their 1st year.

Don’t forget about those business owners who start out super excited but after 2 months they are still on the starting line. Their goal is to learn everything possible before getting started. By the time they actually start they feel deflated as if they are in a race that has already has ended. So they never even get into business.

Starting an “I am a Force4Good®” business is like making a delicious cake. It is a blend of many ingredients that, when well combined and baked at the right temperature will hit the spot. Add a little frosting and take one large bite. The taste treats your palate to a soft, moist feeling and your lips glisten with the buttermilk frosting. Careful, don’t get any on the tip of your nose!

Your business will be an experience for both you and your clients. But what kind of experience will it be? All you have to do is follow the recipe, which is the business plan. Take a quick taste of the goods you share and have fun with it. Navigate your clients through your offering and make it easy for them to enjoy the ride.

People love to shop! Have you heard of QVC? 24 hours a day this TV channel takes customers by the hand and takes them through one product story at a time. Then at the height of the show QVC shares that they are running low on a particular product. They tell viewers, “You will never get a deal like this again.” “No shipping charges tonight, but act fast and take advantage of our last chance to pay $9.80 a month for 3 months.” Pressure is on and the viewer calls in. No need to get your credit card, because it is already programmed into the QVC system. QVC has mastered impulse buying and removed all the obstacles. No need to leave your bed, just dial in and place your order.

Now as you set off to set up your business booth at an art show, farmers’ market or home party, remember how much people like to shop. Remember how much you love your business and how proud you are to be doing something you’ve made from your own passion and insight about life. Stay on message and

  • Lay your organic and fair trade goods out so the consumer can navigate through easily
  • Limit the amount of merchandise you layout
  • Keep a clean and easy to view area
  • Make it easy for customers to interact with your products. Let them smell the vegan soaps and rub the hydrating body butters on their hands.
  • Focus the customers’ attention and tell the story of championing poverty and inspiring growth

These simple steps will create a consistent shopping experience for the customer and keep you true to the brand identity you represent. Customers like consistency and simplicity. You don’t need to know everything. Learn while you are on the job. Lead with your heart and pave a path for success. Keep it simple and beautiful. You can have your cake and eat it too!